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"I hired the law firm of Talley, Richardson & Cable to assist me in a complicated civil litigation matter because of their experience and reputation in the community. I was very pleased with the way all of the lawyers handled my case. The case went to trial and was litigated by Tom Cable who did a fantastic job. I really believe his presentation of our case and his cross examination of the other side produced a great outcome. I am extremely grateful to him and the law firm of Talley, Richardson & Cable."

- Ellis Astin

"After hearing the words I want a divorce... the world seems to stop making sense. Having someone like Craig Burnsed and the firm of Talley, Richardson and Cable handling this chaos for me made life almost bearable during my divorce. There is no good divorce, but Craig thought of my children every step of the way and made sure the impact on them was as minimal as possible. Making sure the kids had the best opportunity at a normal life was paramount, and winning custody as a single dad was an answer to prayers. Thanks to everyone at Talley, Richardson & Cable."

- Robin Stern

“What I like about Talley, Richardson and Cable is that Craig Burnsed always responds quickly to whatever issue I might need help with and gives me his utmost attention. As a small business owner I sometimes need legal advice before making an important decision and I know that I have a strong team only a phone call away."

- Joel Usher

“I have used Talley, Richardson & Cable since 1993. I love the personal attention and the quick responses that I receive. Lots of legal experience in this firm and I feel I can count on them to look after me and my clients."


- Narda Konchel – Broker/Owner of Village Realty Services, Inc.

“I have used Talley, Richardson & Cable for years. They do an awesome job from beginning to end. I would recommend them to anyone."


- Lori Hess

“I cannot give a more favorable recommendation than I would to the law firm of Talley, Richardson & Cable. I hired Tom Cable to represent me in a very complicated domestic matter. The case was tried for several days and Mr. Cable did a great job in the courtroom. He understood the issues we were facing, was extremely prepared and presented the case in a clear, professional way. I was more than pleased with the representation and the result."

- Brian Shipp